Justin Chamness is an active real estate wholesaler with over 400 real estate wholesale deals in his career. He is a coach and speaker
specializing in effective Real Estate Property Deal Acquisitions.
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Justin loves to stay in touch with his students, to nourish relationships and inspire feedback and discussions in Real Estate Wholesalers Club.  Justin calls it "Partnering for Power"!

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Justin has a passion for sharing not only his success story but also the pitfalls he has encountered. This motivated Justin to begin his coaching career for real estate wholesalers all over the globe. Justin encourages the VIP Daily Coaching Club members to copy his lead gen techniques, say what he says, do what he does... get results! Justin has done over 400 deals in his career! He wants you to do the SAME THING! Exactly! Of course, with your flavor!
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Watch Justin Visit with a 1 on 1 Student who is SHOCKED a Seller Said "YES"!
Brian Doneghy, Google Review
Justin is a coach that is here for the people. He is a person that is still out in the trenches closing deals. His courses and mentoring is affordable and jam packed with information. Look no further if you are interested in getting into real estate investing.
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